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Note by Note: Nurturing Our Children and Community

donors & sponsors

We would like to give our heartfelt gratitude to our donors whose generosity makes it possible for us to offer $10,000 a year in bursaries. We are able to offer bursaries to new families, a step taken by the SSSG board beginning with the 2017-18 school year. This is a major step and opening our doors every child who dreams of playing a string instrument. In addition to these funds, Martin & Dayna Weiler annually donate full tuition to two students, one junior and one senior student, through the Iris Tryon Memorial Fund. The hard work of our Fundraising committee, Paul Rak (chair), Louise McCallum, Christie Zimmer and Nathan Baker, is to be commended and has brought the Suzuki String School of Guelph’s level of accessibility to new heights! Thank you all for your generosity. Your investment of time and money shows your commitment to Dr. Suzuki's vision for the future of all children.

our donors

Director’s Circle $10,000 or more
Paule Barsalou

Presto $5,000 to $9,999
Martin Weiler

Allegro $1,000 to $4,999
Nathan Baker & Diana Fodor
Ray Chyk and Shelley Pring
Robert & Virginia Gillham
Deborah Hastings & Melanie Misanchuk
Pacwill Environmental
Stella Pasion
Mei Li Richardson
Walter Schajohna
Rebecca & Tim Sutherns
Pat Vanderkooy

Allegretto $500 to $999
Marina Barnstijn
Oleg & Letitia Golubitsky
Hunter Steele Sales Ltd.
Mary Hutchings
Tim Sutherns
VeriForm (Paul Rak)
Ksenia Vulikh
Andante $100 to $499
Paula Barata
Victoria Barham
Patricia Bell
Irene Berry
Janet Diebel
Carmen Evans
Grace & Mark Evans
Jill Farrow
Kenneth & Elaine Finlay
Colette Griswold
Sally Gross
David Harvey
Ben Maier & Tara Hedican
William & P.G. King
Knar Jewelry
Louise MacCallum
Paul & Mary Mullholland
Gerald Neufeld
Geetha Pillai
Paul & Rhona Rak
Joy Roberts
William Ruddock & Angela Northey
Souhaila Sarkis & Gord Skinner

Patty Shannon
Vasanti Shende
Charles Small
Drs. J. Ting & J.J.Y. Wong-Ting
Connie Valeriote
Robert & Willa Voroney
Nicholas & Jenny Wilmer
Kent Yeh

$20 to $99
Catherine Freitag-Hewson
Letitia Golubitsky
Linda Hawthorn
Eunah Ko
Katelyn Misener
Wenli Ren
Melinda Snider
Tim & Jenny Sommerfield
Vanessa Vari
Ksenia Vulikh
Dorothy Ware
Brenda Wiseman

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our sponsors

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Spain tour fund

ABR Health Inc. ~ Berge Hearing Clinic
Keith Ainsworth
Madhur Anand
Marina Barnstijn
Paule Barsalou
Diana Fodor & Nathan James Baker
Colin Baxter & Carol Harris
Irene Berry
Daniel Brennan & Valerie Hall
Susan, Mark, Amanda, Jeff Bruder
Audrey Jamal & Scott Butler
Sarah Jane Burton
Jane Chevalier
Edward Chung
Stephanie Clarke
Sharon Cook
John Cripton & Linda Sword
Jiming Xie & Lin Feng
Sheila Flaherty
Ken Gee
Robert & Virginia Gillham
B. Harvey
Randall Howard & Judith McMullan
William Jeakins
Knar Jewelry
Gord & Gail Lange
Jonathan Lavery
Louise MacCallum
Caroline MacDonald
Mark McDowell
Mora Middleton
Andrew & Laura Parkes
Wendy Perkins
Jeanne Pitts
Judy Richos
Tony Riggs
Joy Roberts
Erna & Erwin Roscheng
Walter & Sharon Schajnoha
Mark & Marilyn Sears
Vasanti & Nitin Shende
Charles & Anna Simon
Tim & Jennifer Sommerfeld
Helga Sonnenberg
Helga & Gary Sonnenberg
Spectrum Feed Services
Gerry Stephenson
Sara Untch
Shawn Van Sluys
Kevin Wu
Pamela Young
Martha Zettle

Spain tour sponsors

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olga korper gallery inc

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Suzuki String School of Guelph (located in the Guelph Youth Music Centre)
75 Cardigan Street, Guelph, ON N1H 3Z7

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