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NEW! Violin for rent... 1/8 size violin, with bow case and a shoulder sponge, $15/month
Contact Will Ruddock 519 993-6284 (mobile)

3/4 Jay Haide violin, well maintained, lovely tone, with bow, case and shoulder rest. Paid $925, asking $900.
Contact Alain Carriere, 519-212-3495

1/8 size Suzuki Nagoya 1980, includes bow, shoulder rest and case. $250.
Contact Hui

1/4 size Jay Haide 2009, includes bow, shoulder rest and case. Nice sound and in good condition. Paid $950 in Sound Post, now asking $700.
Contact Hui

1/4 size German violin made 1997, includes bow shoulder rest and case. Really good sound, good condition. Paid $1300 in Sound Post, now asking $1000.
Contact Hui

"Bestler" with a curly maple back. It was last serviced at Riedstra's in Kitchener who lubed the pegs, recambered the bow, and put new strings on it. They said it is a great violin for a beginner. Asking $350
Contact Lucy McNamara, 519-500-0207

1/8 Franz Hoffman Prelude violin 2012 includes shoulder rest, 2 bows, case. $250
Contact Tiffany 226-924-5841 (mobile)

10th-size Suzuki Nagoya made in 1980. Good condition. $300
Jacqui Jimenez,

3/4 size, Chinese, with beautiful art work on the back, gives it a unique character. Good condition. Nice sounding student instrument. $300
Jacqui Jimenez,

Full-size German Violin E.R. Schmidt Circa 1900. This beautiful sounding Violin is of the highest quality and workmanship it is branded internally ERS is modelled after Guadagnini and is in excellent condition. We also have an official Insurance Appraisal which verifies its value and authenticity. $5,500.
Arcos Pernambuco Bow $650
Bam Hightec Hard Oblong Case Black $990
Brad Stegmaier, 416-727-0869

1/10 size Suzuki Nagoya Violin 1987. $410.
Rebecca Landy,

Early 20th century German violin labeled Johann Glass, Leipzig, 1902. Asking $5000 (written appraisal of the instrument for $7000). instrument is in great condition. The instrument has a big sound and projects well. It's voice is on the slightly darker side.
Zack Ebin,

Stentor Student Violin R017687. Comes with case, bow, and chin rest. Asking $135.00
Carol-Ann, 226-822-1017


Viola 14", Bow and case Samuel Eastman, $1200
Also have a Kun, tuner, and cello seat
Jennifer Fischer, 519-651-2343

Karl Hofner viola (1987), same size as a 3/4 violin, $350.
With bow and case. Has had no repairs. Set up by Terry Maurice.
Call Bridget Misener 519-334-3687

1/2 size viola, German made, excellent condition, set up and bow rehair by Terry Maurice. $550
Bridget Misener, 519-334-3687


NEW! Custom-made adjustable wooden cello stool. Light and with handles so it’s easy to carry. Excellent condition! Asking $75.

1/2 Suzuki Cello, made in Nagoya (1976), soft blue case, minor cosmetic issues, good strings (old), $800.

NEW! 1/2 European Cello, Eastman, very good condition, one seam opening (repair est. $40), good strings (older), $800.

1/2 Korean Cello, comes with a standard bag (soft) and bow. Excellent condition. The Sound Post has valued this instrument at $1,175 but I will sell directly to the buy for $800.
Please call or text Scott Conner 705-571-1913

Full-size Cello Haide A L'Ancienne. This beautiful sounding Cello is of the highest quality and workmanship and is in excellent condition. $4,450.
Brazilian Pernambuco Silver Mnt Bow $1,200
Bam Newtech Hard Case Dk Blue with wheels & padded shoulder carry straps $1,100
Brad Stegmaier, 416-727-0869

3/4 Cello. German made, beautiful rich tone. Includes hard case and 2 bows.
Brenda Taylor, 519-856-4669

Full-size cello, $950. Appraised at $1000. Has some visual
blemishes. Beautiful sound. Comes with soft case and bow.
Carol-Ann, 226-820-3426
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