Suzuki String School of Guelph

Note by Note: Nurturing Our Children and Community

Carmen Evans

Carmen Evans, violin teacher, SSSG
Carmen Evans is the Artistic Director of the Suzuki String School of Guelph. She has been teaching violin and viola at the SSSG since 2006. In 2017 she started teaching Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes for the SSSG.

Carmen’s commitment to professional development shows a strong belief in lifelong learning. Carmen has taken each core unit of Suzuki violin training (books 1-10) some multiple times. Additionally, she has taken multiple supplemental violin courses, viola training, early childhood training, leadership, and classes focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Carmen is passionate about the process of learning, and she takes great joy in learning from students, parents, and colleagues.

Carmen has a BA from the University of Guelph, where she received the Gloria Guthrie Memorial Music Scholarship.

Active in the broader Suzuki community, Carmen served as the Chair of the Suzuki Association of Ontario from 2016-2019.

Having grown up in Guelph as a member of the SSSG community (as a sibling, a student, a practice buddy, an administrator, and a teacher), Carmen is passionate about and committed to the school’s legacy and future. The SSSG is a place where lasting friendships are made, where families gain a deeper understanding of how one another learns, and where students overcome challenges and find joy in learning.