Young Artist Program in Piano

This class is open to senior piano students, and provides instruction in a setting that moves towards traditional music college/university instruction while maintaining roots in Suzuki philosophy and pedagogy. It is expected that these senior players, who provide a role model to other participating students, will join enthusiastically in other Institute events.

Students Eligible: Pianists who have completed the Mozart, Sonata, K. 330 (Suzuki Bk. 6) or who are working at the Grade 9 piano level or above (RCM or Conservatory Canada). Admission to the YAP program is based on invitation following a successful video audition.

Program includes:

Daily Options (You may choose one option):

Cost: $540 CDN. Optional class extra

Please note that mature students may better handle the audition process and the public master class instruction in the Young Artist Program. While there are no age limits, high school age students may adapt to this somewhat more intense experience more easily than younger children. The regular Senior Piano program is another very rewarding option available for advanced students who are not sure about the YAP or who are not accepted into the program (there is strictly limited enrollment in the YAP).

How to apply:

By May 1st, apply online or download the Young Artist Program application form and mail the completed form along with your deposit to Tracy Jewell, Administrative Coordinator, Speedvale Postal Outlet, P. O. Box 26058, Guelph ON: N1E 6W1, CANADA. If you register online you will still need to mail your deposit to this address or ask to be sent an online Square invoice to pay by credit card (3% service charge will apply).

Prepare your video audition, upload to a web hosting service, and email download links to Ellen Berry by May 1, 2017 (no exceptions). See the link below for Video Audition instructions.

NOTE:  Audition recordings will not be processed until we have received the registration fee. Some classes will begin on Sunday August 13, and you will be notified via email of the specific times.

APPLY NOW | YAP Video Audition Instructions

Marnie van Weelden Marnie Van Weelden enjoys a versatile career as a pianist and devoted teacher.

After completing her doctoral degree in piano performance from the University of Michigan, she joined the faculty of Wilfrid Laurier University where she has been teaching studio piano and weekly master classes since 2007. More recently she was thrilled to be asked to help design and teach the piano pedagogy course. She is active as an adjudicator/clinician due to her contagious enthusiasm and ability to engage and inspire young musicians. Among her several current projects is the continued development of a signature workshop on piano technique entitled Music in Motion, which combines her fascination with the Alexander Technique and her commitment to promote a manner of playing that is free from unnecessary tension and performance-related injuries. She believes that this will allow students to experience a new sense of freedom and expression in their playing. She looks forward to returning to SOSI this year and working with students in the Young Artist Program.

Monday August 14, 2017

NEW! Seminar in Body Mapping

Tanya BĂ©nard

with Amber Ghent (ON)

Overcoming Discomfort at the Instrument

Not sure how to help your student or child who is uncomfortable at the instrument? Do you suffer from limitation or poor coordination at the instrument?

This seminar is designed for music educators, parents, and senior students who wish to have a better understanding of healthy movement at the instrument. This introduction to body mapping will make use of anatomical models, images, palpating structures in the body, and movement explorations to uncover ways of accessing our body maps and retrain healthy movement.

Mapping is a specific technique used by licensed Andover Educators to help musicians recognize the source of harmful movement, and to replace it with movement that is free and based on the truth of our anatomical structure. This technique is informed by the latest neuroscience about how the brain produces movement, and has helped hundreds of musicians play with more ease and heal themselves of injury and pain.

For more information about Body Mapping Lessons, please visit

Seminar Fee: $25 CDN

A limited number of Private Lessons will be available, first-come, first-served. Please register in advance in order to reserve a lesson between your other scheduled classes. Private 30-minute lesson fee: $56.50 CDN.

YAP students may enroll in the special Seminar on Body Mapping, held on the evening of Monday August 14.

Accompanying parents and guardians who wish to enroll must fill out a separate Body Mapping application form.

NOTE ABOUT PRICES: We try our best to be accurate, but typos sometimes happen. If there is confusion over pricing, our administrator has the final word. USD pricing will vary with the exchange rate. You can confirm the USD pricing at the time of your payment. You can expect USD prices to be about 78 to 80 percent of CDN prices.