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Student Institute Aug. 11–16 | Teacher Development Aug. 10–18, 2019 | Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON

Seminar in Body Mapping

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Monday August 12, 2019
with Amber Ghent (ON)

Retraining Rotation

Open to all music educators, parents, and students 12+ interested in learning about the most important instrument – your body!
Musicians must move to play their instruments, and so often we are unaware or confused about how to produce the desired movement. Frequently musicians have mis-mapped rotation, which leads to frustration, discomfort, and injuries including tendonitis and carpal tunnel. Come and learn practical anatomical information about rotation of the elbow, upper arm structure, and spine. Meet Fred the skeleton, watch videos of beautiful movers, and explore movement together.

Body mapping is a specific technique used by licensed Andover Educators to help musicians recognize the source of harmful movement, and to replace it with movement that is aligned with the truth of our anatomical structure. This technique is informed by the latest neuroscience about how the brain produces movement, and it has helped hundreds of musicians play with more ease and heal themselves of injury and pain.

For more information about Body Mapping Lessons, please visit

Seminar Fee: $40 CDN

A limited number of Private Lessons will be available, first come, first served. Please register in advance in order to reserve a lesson between your other scheduled classes. Private 30-minute lesson fee: $56.50 CDN.

Please register for Body Mapping on your program application. If you are an adult attending SOSI with your child, use the Seminar application form. If you are a Teacher Development Participant, there will be a space on the TD application form to include the seminar.