Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute Inc.

Student Institute Aug. 11–16 | Teacher Development Aug. 10–18, 2019 | Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON

2018 information below. Please check back soon for the 2019 update

Junior Program in Piano

Students eligible: Suzuki piano students, Bks. 1–3

Program includes:
  • Daily individual lesson (4 students in a one-hour class)
  • Daily repertoire (Bks. 1 & 2) or reading ensemble (duet) class
  • Daily pre-reading class (Bks. 1 & 2) or percussion (bk. 3)
  • Solo recital performance opportunity for everyone
  • Ensemble performance
  • Play-ins

Daily Options: (you may choose up to two options)
  • Bass for Pianists (Bk. 2 and up, able to read music; if you are taking this option for the first time, choose Level 1; otherwise choose Level 2)
  • Flute for Pianists (Bk. 2 and up; If you are taking this option for the first time, choose Level 1; otherwise choose Level 2)
  • Music Through the Ages (age 6 and up)
  • Organ for pianists (Bk. 2 and up)
  • Improvisation (Bk. 2 and up)

Additional Daily Option: Operetta (You may choose Operetta as your only option, or as a special option in addition to one or two regular Daily Options.)

Junior Program students may also register for private Body Mapping lessons, accompanied by a parent. Space is limited so it is first-come, first-served. Accompanying parents and guardians who wish to enroll must fill out a separate Body Mapping application form.

Pianists Suzuki Bk. 3 & above have the opportunity to participate in the Sonatina Jamboree (see Intermediate Program).

A Music Reading Assessment form, to be completed by your teacher, will be sent to you upon registration. Those students who read music at the junior level or higher, as assessed by their home teacher, will study and polish two duets with a partner. Music will be forwarded as soon as a suitable partner is determined. Please register early to facilitate this process.

Cost: $470 CDN. Optional Classes extra