Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute Inc.

Student Institute Aug. 11–16 | Teacher Development Aug. 10–18, 2019 | Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON


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Sunday from 1:30–3 pm
Casting Call (Parents Attend)
Maureen Forrester Recital Hall

Sunday from 6–7:30 pm
Rehearsal in
Senate & Board Chambers (SBC)

Monday & Tuesday from 6–7:30 pm
Rehearsal in

Wednesday from 5:30–7 pm
Rehearsal in

Thursday ~ Performance Day
Maureen Forrester Recital Hall

3:30 pm – Adults Set Up in
4:15–5:15 pm – Dress Rehearsal
6 pm – Arrival Backstage
6:15 pm – Performance

Auditions – *new this year*
We will be accepting video auditions ahead of the camp! Your video can be 30 seconds to 1 minute long and can be any song (or rap)—it doesn’t have to be from the show. If you wish to speak a few lines from the show please go ahead! Videos can be taken on a smart phone and submitted via private Youtube link, google drive or drop box to The deadline for video submissions is Friday August 2nd. If you wish to be in ensemble and not a bigger role (roles are listed below) you don’t need to submit a video. However, if you wish to be considered for a main role, we suggest submitting as we would like to have an idea of casting (or call-backs) by Tuesday August 5th.

Audition information sheet
Please fill out this
sheet and email it back with video (or email it alone).

You only need to print from page 11 or 12. There’s a lot of extra stuff at the beginning that you don’t really need.

Video auditions are also being done in advance so that not all actors need to print the whole book. (Meaning, if you are cast in a role, you willl only need to print the scenes for that role).

Operetta Downloads…

Vocal Tracks!AnpALkjc-DPpjAPBWYdvF2z1wtKl?e=xQWdsa

Accompaniment Tracks!AnpALkjc-DPpjAPBWYdvF2z1wtKl?e=sPfMbh

Actor Book (PDF)!AnpALkjc-DPpjBqrwkQZIAdHXauE

This year, in order to increase the efficiency of our rehearsals, we will be splitting the rehearsal into two sections (at least for the first 3 rehearsals). Ensemble rehearsal will happen first. We will work on ensemble numbers will the full cast-music, staging and choreography. Then ensemble members will be released and we will work with cast members with ‘named’ roles. Parents- there may be changes to the rehearsal schedule day by day- we will keep you updated with a note on the rehearsal room door, as well as emails.

Rehearsal locations
Sunday August 11th, our first meeting will be in Maureen Forester Recital Hall. All operetta participants come to the main stage, family members will sit in the audience. At this first meeting we will have a tour of the theatre to get used to the space and finish casting the show!

Subsequent rehearsals are in the Senate and Board Chambers – please check the main schedule for exact rehearsal times.

Thursday August 15th, our dress rehearsal will be back in Maureen Forester Recital Hall. We will have a safe, locked space for instrument storage so please come as quickly as possible from your last class. It is essential for timing that we start this rehearsal right on time. There will not be much time for chatting or getting ourselves comfortable!

Some participants will be called earlier on Thursday afternoon for a mic test.

Parent Volunteers- *new this year*
As a member of the operetta family, we will ask EVERY family to volunteer in some way to assist in the smooth running of the operetta.

Volunteers will be needed to help with:

1. Setting up set design room (2-3 volunteers- day 1 only)
a. Laying and taping tarps
b. Laying out cardboard
c. Organizing paint and brushes

2. Costumes (2-3 volunteers, day 2-end)
a. Receiving costume items
b. Listing costume items (labelling)
c. Communicating with directorial team about missing items
d. Taking costumes to Recital hall

3. Props (1-2 Volunteers- day 2-end)
a. Assist in procuring props
b. Appropriately label and store props (there will be directions and a detailed props list provided)
c. Assist in storage and placement of props

4. Moving sets and props to recital hall (2 volunteers, Wednesday evening or Thursday daytime).
a. Potentially helping to put up sets

5. Pizza Party (4-6 volunteers- Thursday daytime and evening-Costco membership is a bonus)
a. Purchase pizzas, snacks, drinks and dessert items and distribute on Thursday between dress rehearsal and performance. We are hoping to move to a bring your own bottle system but we will have a few glasses and cups to use in case these are forgotten. A comprehensive allergy list will be provided.
b. Help clean up pizza party.

6. Makeup and Costumes- (4-6 volunteers—Thursday afternoon before the show)
a. Help students into costumes (and store personal items)
b. Provide make up- 3-4 stations for make up (a detailed make up sheet will be provided)
c. Aid in returning costume items and personal items to students after the show.

7. Backstage- (1-2 Volunteers—during the show)
a. Assist the stage director in keeping performers quiet (and helping them find their way around backstage)
b. Assist the set designer in changing sets

8. Strike- (3-5 Volunteers—immediately after the show, and Friday morning)
a. Assist in strike of set (take down sets and recycle)
b. Clean up backstage area
c. Clean and store props (remove labels)
d. Clean set design room (remove tarps, mop, clean brushes, etc.)

All of these positions should not be a huge investment in your time (1-2 hrs total) and they will help us in running the operetta as smoothly as possible. Thank you in advance! A volunteer sign-up sheet will be available at our first meeting.

Musicville Characters
Listed according to number of lines and scenes (approximately)
all can be male or female- adjust pronouns accordingly

Main Roles
Maiden Melody – adventurous and free spirited, strong singer and actor
Radical Rhythm – innocent, a little afraid, a strong rapper
Sorceror of Silence – an outcast, grumpy and smart, evil!

Grandstaff – king, addresses audience.
Queen Gliss – queen, addresses audience.
Breath-Mark – funny, intelligent, organized.
Half Rest – sorceror's henchpeople, funny, gullible
Eighth Rest – sorceror's henchpeople, funny, gullible
Tangy Error – sneaky, persuasive and cunning.
Counterpoint – party animal, happy, hyper
Synco- leader of Tanguerros, charming, witty and confident
Solo of Soul – mentor to Melody and Rhythm, mysterious. Belter
Composer of Ahhs – intemidating and demanding, wizard-like

Smaller roles
Mother Rhythm – nurturing and protective, motherly
Off-beat – Younger brother, curious, joyful
Town person 1 – helpful and kind
Town person 2 – sarcastic
Talented Tenor – sweet and smart
Low E – deep voice!
Doo wop 1 – friendly and welcoming
Doo wop 2 – friendly and welcoming
Piano – small voice but funny (forte’s twin)
Forte – big voice, bold (piano’s twin)
Stocky – solo of souls helpful assistant
Trill – dramatic and operatic singing, over the top
Accent – dramatic and operatic singing, over the top
Fermata – dramatic and operatic singing, over the top
Repeat – dramatic and operatic singing, over the top
Tanguerro 1, 2, 3 – very proper, demanding, forceful

Melody Meadows ensemble – townspeople
Doo Wop ensemble – friendly and welcoming
Orange ocean of Opera – big acting and melodramatic
Tanguerro Ensemble – very proper, dancers

As you can see, there are MANY roles! So, please look at several roles that you might be interested in.

Fairy tale land – so any costumes that do not look like contemporary clothing. Once we have an idea of casting, we will send out a more comprehensive costume list. In the meantime, please have a look at the attached costume list from the directors handbook.

Melody – princess dress, tiara
Rhythm – cap with musical notes, black top, white pants with black lines (painted or taped)
Grandstaff – crown, robe
Queen gliss – gown, crown
Mother rhythm – long dress, apron
Off-beat – pinwheel hat
Town people – t-shirts with musical symbols painted on
Sorceror of silence – wizard costume
Breath-mark – white shirt, black pants, bow tie
Half-rest, eighth rest – gypsy or wizard costumes (any silly matching costumes)
Tangy error – all black
Counterpoint, Billty Bass, talented tenor, doowops – white tops with tutus or big skirts, or white shirts and black pants
Piano, Forte – orange costumes
Trill, accent, fermata, repeat, ocean of opera – orange and red shawls
Synco and Tanguerros – white tops, black skirts, roses behind ear, white tops black pants. Sombreros if possible
Solo of Soul and Stocky – earthy shawl or poncho, hippy clothes
Composer of Ahhs – colourful sunglasses, colourful suit or dress (Elton john)

Changes to the musical
I will be making a few changes to the musical- mainly cutting incidental music and some introductions to the songs. So, if you are learning them on your own, be aware that what you are hearing in the recordings may not be exactly how things will sound in the end. I am doing this in an effort to keep the musical as close to 55minutes as possible.

If you are in the senior concert, please let one of us know and we will keep that in our sights!

We are very much looking forward to working with you on this silly, fun musical. See you in August!

Marion and Mary-Margaret
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