Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute Inc.

Student Institute Aug. 12–17 | Teacher Development Aug. 11–19, 2018 | Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON

optional classes

Bass for String Players
with Jesse Dietschi (ON)

It’s all about the chocolate—chocolate tone that is! We are excited that once again SOSI violin, viola, and cello students in Book 2 or above and aged 6 or older are eligible to take the double bass as an optional class. And how completely versatile and cool is the bass? The bass option classes will be taught in group class format by bassist Jesse Dietschi. Fractional-sized basses will be available for the week so don't worry about size. Space is limited, so if you like chocolate and being cool, don't wait too long to register! If you took this class last year and would like to learn more, sign up for Bass Level 2. First-time students should choose Bass Level 1.

Students eligible: Violin, viola, and cello students in Book 2 or above, aged 6 or older

Cost: $150 CDN (includes instrument rental)
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Bass for Pianists
with Doug Murphy (ON)

It’s all about the chocolate—chocolate tone that is! Once again, all SOSI students older than 5 years and above Book 1 on their primary instrument are eligible to take the double bass as an option instrument, even if they have never held a stringed instrument before. And how completely versatile and cool is the bass? The bass option classes will be taught in group class format by Doug Murphy. Fractional-sized basses will available for the week so don't worry about size. Space is limited, so if you like chocolate and being cool, don't wait too long to register!

Students eligible: Pianists in Bk. 2 and above

Cost: $150 CDN (includes instrument rental)

Body Mapping Workshop
with Amber Ghent (ON)

Overcoming Discomfort at the Instrument

Not sure how to help your student or child who is uncomfortable at the instrument? Do you suffer from limitation or poor coordination at the instrument?

This seminar is designed for music educators, parents, and senior students who wish to have a better understanding of healthy movement at the instrument. This introduction to body mapping will make use of anatomical models, images, palpating structures in the body, and movement explorations to uncover ways of accessing our body maps and retrain healthy movement.

Mapping is a specific technique used by licensed Andover Educators to help musicians recognize the source of harmful movement, and to replace it with movement that is free and based on the truth of our anatomical structure. This technique is informed by the latest neuroscience about how the brain produces movement, and has helped hundreds of musicians play with more ease and heal themselves of injury and pain.

For more information about Body Mapping Lessons, please visit

Students eligible: Senior or YAP students

Cost: $30 CDN

Body Mapping Private Lessons
A limited number of Private Lessons will be available, first-come, first-served. Please register in advance in order to reserve a lesson between your other scheduled classes. Private 30-minute lesson fee: $56.50 CDN.

Flute for Pianists and String Players
with Kelly Williamson (ON)

Calling All Airbenders! "Airbending is the aerokinetic ability to control and manipulate air." Explore the expressive power and flexibility of air as a musical medium. This class is open to piano and string students Bk. 2 & above. Flutes will be available to rent for the week for a nominal charge. Applications will be taken on a first-come first-serve basis. Please indicate when you register if you have played the flute previously.

If you took Flute for Pianists or String Players last year, and would like to learn more, sign up for Flute Level 2. First-time students should choose Flute Level 1.

Students eligible: Pianists or string players in Bk. 2 and above

Cost: $125 CDN

Music Through the Ages
with Clayton Scott (ON)

Music tells a story—a good story. Therefore, this presentation/performance series is conducted in a lively and anecdotal manner. The great operas, ballets and symphonic works come alive as their stories are dramatically retold. A multi-disciplinary approach will gradually unfold the story behind the music, in its historical and social context. Composers will be taken off their pedestals and revealed as real people, living in a real time. The audience will become part of the fabric of the era.

Each session will begin with a spirited investigation of the concrete (the social history, manners, clothing, art and politics of the era), and then move to the abstract (the specific musical works, key passages, what in the music makes it a masterwork). This will be demonstrated at the piano and discussed, but always anecdotally, and always accessible to an audience of mixed ages. Finally, a dramatic performance of the work will bring the story to life, told as you hear music recorded by world-class orchestras and singers.

Students eligible: Any student age 6 and up (parents may attend with their registered children at no charge)

Cost: $110 CDN

String/Piano Chamber Ensemble
Senior or YAP String and Piano program students perform together, and hone their ensemble skills.

Note: This is already included for pianists in the Senior and YAP piano programs. Practice rooms will be reserved on Sunday for those students who wish to rehearse before their first class. Some students will have their first String/Piano Chamber Ensemble class on Sunday.

Students eligible: Senior or YAP string students; Enrollment may be limited.

Cost: $150 CDN
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Fiddling for Violinists or Violists
with Julia Bowdring (NL)

What is the difference between a violin and a fiddle? It's all in the playing style. In this always popular class, you will explore techniques that let you turn any piece into a fiddle tune. Learn tunes from different fiddling traditions, and get your feet tapping!

Students eligible: Violinists and Violists, Bk. 2 and above

Cost: $115 CDN (includes materials)

Fiddling for Cellists
with Tricia Balmer (ON)

Cellists will now be able to learn the techniques and playing style needed to "fiddle" on their cellos! Cellists in Bk. 2 and beyond will be introduced to the world of fun and fiddling that violinists and violists have long enjoyed, including how to turn any piece into a fiddle tune and learning lots of new tunes during the class.

Students eligible: Cellists, Bk. 2 and above

Cost: $115 CDN (includes materials)

Viola for Violinists
with Julia Hardie (TX)

Violinists get a chance to explore the tone colours of the viola in a group situation by working on viola ensemble repertoire. Violas will be available to rent for the week at a small cost. If you own a viola, please bring it.

Appropriate for violinists with or without previous viola experience.

Students eligible: Violin students in the Intermediate or above program; Enrolment may be limited.

Cost: $125 CDN

Percussion for String Students
with Don McDougall (ON) and Arun Pal (ON)

If you can read music, here is your opportunity to try WLU's fabulous percussion equipment—drums, xylophones and other mallet instruments! In this class, string players will focus on developing their rhythmic reading and improvisational skills. Lots of fun! Enrollment is limited. First-come, first-served.

Students eligible: Violinists, violists & cellists, Bk. 2 and above, who can read music.

Cost: $110 CDN
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with Marion Samuel-Stevens (ON), assisted by Mary-Margaret Annab (ON) & set designer Chelsea Driver (ON)

We are thrilled once again to have Canadian soprano Marion Samuel-Stevens as director. She has been described as an engaging, direct performer and actress. Her performances range from the intimacy of recital performance to the grandeur of opera. Equally comfortable on the operatic and concert stage, Marion is sought after for her subtle interpretations of text and character, as much as for her warm, supple and luminous voice. She is also a wonderful teacher, choir director, and a vocal/choral coach for Guelph Youth Singers.

This year’s operetta is SPACE PIRATES! by Gwynne Watkins, Betina Hershey & Denver Casado. Students will have the opportunity to sing, act, dance, and create the set for this always popular production. A variety of large and small roles are available; everyone has something to contribute!

Students/parents eligible: Students not enrolled in the Senior strings or YAP programs, and not in cello choir. Enrolment limited to 30 students (first-come, first-served)

Cost: $145 CDN
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Private Lessons for Adults
This class is offered to any adult (parent or TD course participant) wanting to take semi-private lessons in violin, viola, cello, or piano during the week. Lessons will be scheduled with three students per hour. Each participant will receive five lessons during the week. Participants must have some knowledge of the instrument, and string players must bring their own instrument. Enrolment limited. First-come, first-serve.

Students eligible: Any SOSI parent or TD participant who plays violin, viola, cello, bass or piano.

Cost: $180 CDN

Sibling Class
with Judy Greenhill (ON)

Younger siblings (age 4 or 5) of enrolled students who are not yet playing an instrument can join our new "Sing & Move" class. As a member of the acoustic trio "Relative Harmony", Judy Greenhill has an extensive knowledge of British and North American folk music.  Judy leads all ages of SOSI campers in simple yet fun dances at our annual Barn Dance  Come to this class to sing and move your body to music!  Parents are welcome to participate!  Please complete a separate application form for each sibling enrolled in the Sibling Class.

Students eligible: Children ages 4-5 who don't yet play an instrument but are siblings of another SOSI student.

Cost: $110 CDN