Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute Inc.

Student Institute Aug. 12–17 | Teacher Development Aug. 11–19, 2018 | Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON


In addition to individual and group lessons, SOSI includes these classes as part of the Mini Institute, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, or Young Artist programs, depending on the level.
Cello Choir
Cellos "sing" together again in SOSI's unique Cello Choir. The music is fantastic, and the "choir" will perform late in the week. Suzuki cellists Bk. 4 and beyond will receive music to prepare in advance. (Note: Cello Choir is included in the Intermediate, Senior and YAP Cello Programs.)

Sing & Move
with Judy Greenhill (ON)

Our new "Sing & Move" class is the fun music enrichment class for students who are not yet reading music.  As a member of the acoustic trio "Relative Harmony", Judy Greenhill has an extensive knowledge of British and North American folk music.  Judy leads all ages of SOSI campers in simple yet fun dances at our annual Barn Dance.  Come to this class to sing and move your body to music! Parents are welcome to participate!

with Dragan Djerkic (QC), Margaret Parkin (UK) and Robert Richardson Jr. (MB)

Dragan, Margaret and Rob will lead our orchestras in a varied selection of music on Friday's Final Orchestral Concert. These conductors have extensive experience working with student orchestras. Prepare to be amazed!

FREE! Parent Discussion
Parents—it's time for a little refuelling. SOSI offers a FREE parent lecture on Monday afternoon at 4:15 pm—down to earth and inspirational. It's a great way to get new ideas or to reaffirm your commitment to the journey. We provide entertainment for your children in another room so you can enjoy the discussion.

with Don McDougall (ON) and Arun Pal (ON)

Using drums, xylophones, and many other exciting percussion instruments provided by WLU, pianists will improve their rhythmic reading and improvisational skills. Lots of fun! (Note: This class is already included in the Intermediate and Senior piano program.)
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Play-ins for Piano Students
The Sonatina Jamboree for pianists is an informal event during which the students play a polished, memorized movement from a Book 3 Sonatina (or the Beethoven Sonata in Book 4) in the Suzuki repertoire, accompanied by a faculty string quartet.

On Wednesday, in Two Pianos, Four Hands at SOSI, piano students try out their ensemble skills playing a Suzuki piece accompanied by a faculty member in a two-piano arrangement.

Reading Ensembles
For string students, this is an excellent pre-orchestra experience for beginning and intermediate readers. Violin, viola and cello students improve their reading skills, work on playing in harmony (more than one voice at a time), and learn about orchestral conventions and etiquette.

Piano students who can read music will study two duets.

Solo Recitals
Every student at SOSI has the opportunity to perform in a solo recital. If you're a string student, a professional piano accompanist and one free rehearsal is supplied (if required).

Tutti Concert
All string students can perform the pieces that are part of the Suzuki literature together as a group, accompanied by the faculty orchestra—an unrehearsed but thrilling experience!
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