Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute Inc.

Student Institute Aug. 9–14 | Teacher Development Aug. 8–16, 2020 | Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON

Teacher Development Offers

Teacher Development applicants save when they enrol students in SOSI! For each of his/her students registered at SOSI, the teacher will be refunded $15 CDN of the TD tuition fee. (A teacher saved half of her TD tuition fee one year!)

Observe for FREE! A Suzuki teacher who has one or more students attending the Institute will be granted free Observer status (save $30 CDN).
Early Bird Registration
The sooner you register, the less you pay.
  • Register by February 29… only $25
  • Register between March 1 and April 30… $50
  • Register between May 1 and May 30… $75
  • Register after June 1… $100
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